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Pharmaceutical Testosterone Anabolic Steroid 10161-34-9 Trenbolone Acetate Powder

Pharmaceutical Testosterone Anabolic Steroid 10161-34-9 Trenbolone Acetate Powder

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    testosterone cypionate powder


    testosterone undecanoate powder

  • ProName
    Trenbolone Acetate Steroid
  • Molecular Formula
  • Application
    Testosterone, Nandrolone
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    According To Customer Requirements
  • Storage
    Store In A Well-closed Container Protected In A Low Temperature
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    3-7 days
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    T/T, , MoneyGram, BTCcoin
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    1kg --100kg

Pharmaceutical Testosterone Anabolic Steroid 10161-34-9 Trenbolone Acetate Powder

Pharmaceutical Testosterone Anabolic Steroid 10161-34-9 Trenbolone Acetate Powder 0

Yellow Crystalline Raw Steroid Powders Trenbolone Acetate 10161-34-9 High Purity



Quick Details:


  • Product name: Trenbolone Acetate
  • Alias: Revalor-H; Finaplix; 17-beta-acetoxy-delta-4,9,11-estratrien-3-one; Tren A, Finajet
  • CAS No: 10161-34-9
  • Assay: 97~101%
  • Appearance: Yellow crystal powder
  • Einecs No: 233-432-5
  • MF: C20H24O3
  • MW: 312.41
  • Usage: Trenbolone Acetate can be used as pharmaceutical material. Its main function is to promote metabolism. Anabolic effects include growth of muscle mass and strength, increased bone density and strength, and stimulation of linear growth and bone maturation


Product Description:


Trenbolone Acetate is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid and is considered the single greatest anabolic steroid by many performance enhancing athletes, it is much easier to maintain peaked and stable blood levels with this version.By carrying the Acetate ester, this gives Trenbolone an active half-life of approximately two days.

Trenbolone, whether as the acetate (Finaplix, Finajet), enanthate, or cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (Parabolan), should not be used as the sole anabolic in a steroid cycle. Mass gains are greatly limited when this is done. Instead, trenbolone should be stacked with Dianabol, Anadrol, or testosterone as the most common and highly suitable choices.




For bulking up, there may be no better steroid than Trenbolone Acetate also called Finaplix. Its anabolic effect is five times that of testosterone and it doesn’t convert to estrogen, which makes it free from side effects like gynocomastia, water-retention, etc. Finaplix is not without its fair share of side effects, however. Testicular atrophy, hair loss, enlarged prostate and acne have been reported from using this drug. Finaplix will also shut down the body’s natural testosterone production, which can lead to sexual dysfunction. Finaplix has a short-lived ester which means that it must be inject almost daily to maintain steady results. The good news for this is that the drug can be immediately stopped and the body can heal if adverse side effects appear.



Pharmaceutical Testosterone Anabolic Steroid 10161-34-9 Trenbolone Acetate Powder 1
Pharmaceutical Testosterone Anabolic Steroid 10161-34-9 Trenbolone Acetate Powder 2

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